From sketch design through to construction documentation and project administration, from ‘garden coaching’ to developers projects our studio has expertise in creating great space.   Services include:

Landscape Concepts: Concepts are the basis for good structure and planning in a space.  They are dependent on client needs but really determine the major elements of a space and can often be used for council planning permit purposes.  They begin with an onsite consultation and sketch ideas and the formation of a brief.  Concepts can be the start of full design services or can be the complete package for those with smaller projects or who wish to manage the construction of their design themselves over time. Start at $1000

Full service projects: Using the concept developed, we can further develop the idea and detail to provide a full set of construction documentation and specification to ensure your construction team is armed with all the details required to complete the project.  Tender analysis and contract administration is a service offered during this stage. Costs project dependant

Planning applications: We provide the documentation required to receive planning permission for new dwellings, subdivisions, unit developments and major construction projects.  The current turn around for basic projects of up to 4 units is one week.  Planning applications vary from clients who are interested in satisfying basic council requirements to receive permission and others are looking to really value add to their project and provide well designed landscape spaces to their project.  We welcome all inquiries.  Start at $850

Developments: Larger residential or greenfield developments are accepted and resourced by collaborating with colleagues.

“Garden Coaching”: Offering landscape architectural services to those on a budget.  Niree can help you find direction and push through challenges in your property.  Many home owners simply “do not know where to start”.  This cuppa-tea-consultation can be a way to have the eyes and ideas of a designer without the commitment of full design services.  A great way to find confidence and motivation in structuring your property.  Start at $250

  • Alphington residence
  • Avolsleigh residence
  • Templestowe residence
  • Warburton residence
  • Chirnside Park residence
  • Seville Winery, managers residence
  • Millgrove residence, planning application
  • Broadbeach Active Retired Development (with Aspect Studios)
  • Kew residence (with Aspect Studios)
  • Sovereign Apartments (with Aspect Studios)
  • Helena Road subdivision (with Andrew George Landscapes)
  • Martha Cove Design development (with Aspect Studios)